last days

I felt very happy to be back in Conzano. In the end, living in the nature is the most luxury.  At Simona’s beautiful garden with lots of different kind of roses, many herbs and fruits, I saw trees of hazelnuts for the first time in my life. Simona told me that she sensed something in Villa Vidua, I have been feeling the same, but Mr. Vidua seems very interesting person, so I’m not scared.

The alps was again very beautiful on the way to the airport and from the plane, it was really the best view ever in my life. ( I had more than one hundred of flights already, I guess ) 


The Alps

Finally went to the Alps, even in France, with Michele and Silvia. At the lake mont Cenis, since it was with less water, we could see some parts of ancient village at the bottom. The color of the water was very special kind of blue and of course I collected some stones in the same blue. I love mountains in general but the Alps is really special. And this special couple is extremely sweet. I really had a nice day.


Venice 3

It is my tradition to start from Spanish pavilion and it was a very good start. Finnish pavilion was interesting, combination of organic creatures and nice video. I like nordic pavilion a lot as an architecture and this year, exhibition was really fitting well together. The work of Nabbteeri was very inspiring. Australian pavilion shows beautiful video with a nice way of typing code and music. UK pavilion was about particles but bit more ghost side. Japanese pavilion was a surprise, very similar sound installation to my partner’s ( and his instruments are more beautiful ). Of course concept is different and I liked the story and stones. 
I think I enjoyed and stayed at French pavilion the most in the end. They always make very nice seating place for the audience as a part of installations and this year was like something from the palace Cheval. I always try not to stay too long for video works in Biennial but I couldn't move and wanted to watch again, with a feeling of being involved in the world of which the artist had created. I enjoyed Venice Biennial this year a lot, but the biggest evocation of feeling was the works of Jannis Kounellis at Fondazione Prada. It was stunning and really good with the atmosphere of the building.


Venice 2

First, went to New Zealand pavilion as I like works of the artist Dane Michele. Then arsenale, the works of Haris Epaminonda, my favorite artist since long time who won the silver lion was simply amazing. As well as Gabriel Rico, Apichatpong Weerasethakul. And nice discovery was Tarek Atoui, sound installation with objects and organic technology. The performance of Lithuanian pavilion was only on Saturday, but the empty beach was also niceas an installation.


Venice 1

It was very long journey in the end but once you arrived in Venice, everything was fine. Since only 2 hours left before closing, I visited the closest pavilions. Portuguese, Bulgarian, Iran and Dominican. It wasn't my favorite though, the architecture of Portuguese pavilion was very atmospheric. And I like the theme of this year.



Kamy and Sandro took me to Casale and while
walking on the street, I run into 2 different parson whom I know from last night. It was very nice that I could feel like local here. We had a nice dinner at a cute restaurant which they serve Roman style dishes. It as Sandro’s favorite and even the owner used to live in the neighborhood of his family house. But they never met in Roma. The world is very small when you are away and very big in the same city. Anyway I always eat very good in Italy.



It was very nice to have a beautiful dinner together with Renata and Fatima, whose story inspired me a lot. I am interested in lots of different elements to reproduce an atmosphere but especially in Italy, one’s feeling is very strong which will be left behind at the place in order to make a certain aura for the future. 
I couldn’t see the Alps today but I know that it’s there.

It was a big surprise that so many people were up for participating in my request. I thought it might be too much to ask someone to sing in front of camera. But people were not shy at all and there were so many nice stories. I really appreciate all the support fromeveryone who were at Villa Vidua and for the nice atmosphere.



Michele took me to Vercelli and we visited Basilica Sant Andrea. It was also very atmospheric place and I often feel the atmosphere in the church, temple, shrine or synagogue have something in common. It was very nice evening to talk with Michele after in Mongolia.
At the Chinese Salon, I had some test experiment and now making the bigger one for tomorrow. Hope it will work.