Neue Galerie Kassel 2

Katalin Ladik
Jugoslawisches Tastatur Lied (Yugoslavian keyboard song, 1969/2015)
Collage (exhibition copy), sound recording

2:27 min.
Collage: Làszlo Vágó

Yugoslavian Hymn 1 (1971/2015) Collage (exhibition copy), sound recording
 1:49 min. Collage: MACBA Collection, Consortium MACBA, Barcelona Balkan Folk Songs No. 1–3, 5 (1973/2015) Collage (exhibition copy), sound recordings
 27 × 26.5 cm and 23 × 32.5 cm, 1:17–1:58 min. Collage: MACBA Collection, Consortium MACBA, Barcelona
Fragments of Interlaced Dialogues / 2017
Sammy Baloji
Installation includes:
Copper Negative of Luxury Cloth. Kongo Peoples; Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo or Angola, Seventeenth–Eighteenth Century, Inventoried 1709 (2017)
A Reading That Loves—A Physical Act / 2017
Yael Davids
Installation with tempered glass, armored glass, wood, rope, and facsimiles of Cornelia Gurlitt works on paper In collaboration with André van Bergen

In collaboration with Sher Doruff, taisha ciara paggett, and Thijs Witty Coproduced by the Mondriaan Fonds and Ammodo Foundation